Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rise of the Fallen

     Another epic tale told by Chuck Black, Rise of the Fallen will held you spellbound from beginning to end. This is the story of Validus, the last angel ever created. The least of the least. He is seemingly insignificant, condemned to an eternity of being the last and least. But then he is called to be an earth-bound warrior. Validus rises to a prominent position of power, commanding all of the legions on the continent of North America. Then he is demoted to assistant guardian! Validus is assigned to protect one unbelieving man, Drew Carter. As he races against time, Validus must discover why this one young man is so important to the world. Will he find out in time? You will have to read Rise of the Fallen to find out!
     This is a story that will have you crying at one moment and at the edge of your seat the next. You will experience the fall of Lucifer and the heart rending effects it had in heaven. You will see creation from the perspective of the angels. You will witness the great flood from the spiritual realm. You will follow the life of Christ from His birth to his death. This truly is a story that you will never forget. Travel through the history of the Jewish people. Experience the confusion at the Tower of Babel. Find yourself at a death camp during world war II as the very last of the lineage that the angels have been following is carried to her death in the gas chambers. 
     Throughout this story, you will feel the pain, joy, defeat, and victories of Validus the angel as if you were there. This is an amazing story that you do not want to miss!
   This book was provided for reviewing purposes at no cost by the Blogging for Books program.

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