Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Amethyst - the Tale of a Young Girl

     A sculptor looked down his beautiful creation, taking form in his skillful hands. He smiled lovingly, knowing that this was to be a glorious creation. It truly was a gorgeous piece, beautifully unique from every other sculpture.
     The artist continued to work the statue and it looked even more glorious as he worked. But even as he smiled, a single, hot tear rolled down his kind cheek,  for he knew that this piece would not always see itself as he saw it. 
      When he was finally done, the figurine was flawless. Not a single part was messed up. Then, he worked a miracle. He took the piece in his hands and breathed into its nostrils. The figurine suddenly came to life and began to look around. It was now a person!
      "I will call you Amethyst, my new beautiful daughter!"
Amethyst was very pleased. But...
Her happy face soon turned into a mixture of sadness and anger. She looked at all the other people, thinking about how much more beautiful they were then she could ever be. She looked at the sculptor then began to speak to herself.
    "You are a very ugly person! The sculptor really messed up when he made you. Look at the other people! You could never be like them!"
     A slow, sad tear trickled down the face of the masterful artist. He had worked so hard and yet his creation viewed itself as nought.
     He slowly reached down and picked up his beautiful child. Cradling her in his arms, he began to speak to her, softly. He said...
    "Why do you say such things? Do you not know that I formed you with my very hands? You are an exquisite person!"
      It was now Amethyst's turn to cry. The face of the sculptor was so kind and yet so sad. She began to sob.
     "I said that because it is true. How will I ever be liked by others when I am so ugly? How can you say that I am exquisite?"
     "Come, come now! I say that you are flawless because it is true. I made you just as I wanted you to be. Everything about you has a reason for being just as it is! Come, let me show you."
      With this, He led her out of the workshop and into an adjoining room where he walked over to a large screen.
      "This," he explained, "is a view of the future. You will see two different sides of the story. Side A is with you in the world. Side B is without you in the world. Now, watch."
      Then Amethyst seated herself on a bench and began to watch the future unfold before her eyes. Almost immediately, she began to spot differences between the two films! In the first, she was speaking with a friend who was going through a difficult struggle and needed the strength to go on. She reminded her friend that their Maker loved them and cared about them. But in the second, she saw that same friend, traversing a painful road filled with poor decisions and relentless addictions. She felt a strange tickle in her throat.
     In another part of the film, Amethyst saw a little child playing dangerously close to a road. In the film, she rushed to the child and pulled it away from the street just as a car came speeding past. But in the second, she saw a sad group of people, huddled around a grave. The tombstone bore the name of that young child.
     After a long time of watching the film, she saw herself at her wedding. Her groom's face was lit by a smile a thousand miles wide as he took her hand. In the parallel screen, she saw the same man, weeping for the emptiness in his heart.
      This was too much for her and she began to weep bitterly. The sculptor gently sat down beside her and whispered in her ear:
     "See? Without you, the world would be a sad place. You are important just the way you are. Do you think that the family whose child you saved cared how you looked? My daughter, it is not your outward appearance that matters, but your desire to be used by me!  As long as you let me use you as I intended, your beauty will radiate from within!"
     Suddenly, Amethyst knew what she was alive for and why she had been made as she had. She was a unique individual that was unlike any other, just like the others were not like her or anyone else for that matter. Everyone was a person all their own, destined for a journey that would change history. Amethyst realized that she was a jewel, just like her name said she was.

      This may sound like an absurd tale and, indeed, it is! But it has an intentional purpose. I am sure that it is very clear who is who in my allegory. We are Amethyst. God is the sculptor. He has made us each just as we should be and has an amazing plan for all of His little children. When we allow Him to use us, we no longer care about what we think we are, we only care whose we are. And we are His. We are the children of the Most High, King of Kings, Creator of the universe and so much more. As long as we know whose we are, we will know who we are. And that, my friend, it what truly matters.


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