Thursday, September 24, 2015

It is Time to Stand Up!!!!!

Calling all activists!!!!!!! Frito-Lay has chosen to support the raging battle of gay rights. They have come out with RAINBOW colored chips and bags!!!! This is all to support homosexuality among teens. The chips will be sent to anyone who donates at least $10.00 to the LGBT "It Gets Better Project" youth initiative. This organization was started by a notorious anti-Christian extremist, Dan Savage who has made multiple horrible threats and insults to the Christian demographic. Including calling the Bible a name that my mom wouldn't let me read. He has insulted Ben Carson for his stand on anti homosexuality.  

So. Here is the deal. This campaign is targeting our generation. They think that we will all be happy and go on with it. We need to show them that we are not and will not. Please contact them and urge them to drop their support of Dan Savage, cease their promotion of anti-Christian bigotry, and STOP their Dorito Rainbow campaign. I have already contacted them. The more teenagers that contact them, the more likely they will be to change their minds. Here is the phone number that I used: 1-972-334-7000. Please call them!! Tell them that you are disgusted by this decision and are not going to be purchasing any of their products until they repeal this choice.  
You can also go to and they have other ways to contact them and take action. Rise up, my generation!! Take action and do hard things!!!!!! 

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