Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Super-Bowl - Victory or Defeat?

Today, is the day, the "big game." Sadly, it is also a big day for a much, much darker business: Human Trafficking. Trafficked girls from all over the country are transported to the location of the game and there, are forced to meet the lustful desires of customers. As disturbing as it seems, THE SUPER BOWL IS THE LARGEST VENUE FOR HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE U.S.A. Why isn't everyone protesting? Here is the answer: many people are UNAWARE that SLAVERY STILL EXISTS!
Sadly, some people who are aware, think that slavery is only existent in foreign countries THIS IS NOT TRUE! SLAVERY EXISTS IN THE U.S.A.

     So what can you do? Below I have listed some ways you can help:

  1. Stay Safe by:

     Never going anywhere with someone you do not know or trust,
      using wisdom at night (ie. park under a light, carry an air horn, don't go somewhere
      at night with just your girlfriends - always have a brother, father, or other male that
      you trust,)
  2.Pray. "You can do more than pray, after you have prayed. But you can not do more
     than pray until you have prayed."  S. D. Gordon
  3.Take action. Learn how to identify victims. There are also many organizations  
     you can donate to.
    So, as you enjoy the Super Bowl, remember these men, women, and children. Pray that this year would be the worst year that traffickers have ever had business-wise. Pray that this would be a victory for justice and a major defeat for injustice. Pray that 2014 would be the year these victims remember as the year that they received freedom. The year they began to heal. Be mindful, also for those who attempt to rescue, aid in the healing process, run organizations, and do other behind-the-scenes work.
       Thank you for praying!
                               Lanie Bug  

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