Saturday, March 28, 2015

Feathers, Toilet Paper, Mud Puddles, and Life

An unexpected thing.. feathers in toilet paper?
     Every now and then, we find things that just don't seem right. Like this thing of toilet paper. Who would expect to find a blue feather in a thing of toilet paper? Very few people would. Equally few people would expect to go to go out-side and get bitten by a snake. But they both seem to happen whether we want them to or not.

      When things that are bad happen, like a snake bite or, on a deeper level, things like losing someone you love or some other horrible thing, we tend to blame God. The feather in our t-p didn't really mess up my life or cause me to doubt Gods existence, but when things that really rock our world happen, doubt often invades. Most often we doubt God's goodness, love, or sovereignty. We doubt His plans for our lives. Why? Because things are not going as we planed. We just can not see the big picture. We see what, in eternal perspective is not all that bad, as a mountain of problems. We view mud puddles as rivers.
The mud puddle in my front yard... from this view it looks like a river!
Instead of seeing trusting God, we tend to blow things waaaaay out of proportion. This is the reality of this "river."

(My shirt got in the way of this photo!) The truth is, we are scared. Too scared to trust God, the One who created us, with our God-made lives. We are sure that if we release our "control" over our lives, everything will fall to pieces. In truth, He has a master plan, that only He can see. We are all  a part of Gods plan, but He needs us to surrender to his leading. He can use us, but not if we are so stubborn. Giving up our plans can be very difficult, I know. I still struggle with the idea and I can think of things that I need to release. The great thing is, we can give anything to Jesus! He is willing to take it all. Even when bad things happen, we, as followers of Jesus, can still trust him, knowing that He has the master plan.
                        Lanie Bug

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