Thursday, February 23, 2017

Priceless ~ movie review

     Well hello!
    So I recently watched the movie Priceless. For those of you who know nothing about it, it is made by the Smallbone family (For King and Country and Rebekah Saint James' family). It is not a family produced film but Joel from FKC stars and one of his brothers was the producer. The basic storyline is that James (Joel Smallbone) is a desperate man. His wife died several years ago and his daughter was recently taken from him. Now he is willing to do almost anything to get back on his feet. He agrees to drive a truck across the country for cold cash, no questions asked. When he uncovers the genre of the cargo, however, he is faced with a moral dilemma. James discovers that he is transporting two young girls. He has no idea what is going to befall them, but when he finds out, he is obligated to act. 
     This is a very timely and well-done film. While the accuracy is somewhat lacking in various areas I believe that it is as accurate as a movie could be made on this dark subject. I would give this film a hearty 4.5 stars. While I hoped for a little more, my views are rather biased as the daughter of a woman who is highly involved with fighting to end human trafficking. 
     This is not a family film. The very subject of sex trafficking is not easily glossed over and the producers didn't try to. It is very tastefully done but there are certain things that cannot be left out. We get a view or two of a girl in bed after an implied mollestaion. There are sexual innuendoes througought but always in an unglorified context. We watch a man get shot and die and we see bruises on a young girl. There is also a scene where torcher is implied but not directly shown. can shed better light on the content. I would recommend this film for ages 12-13 and up, depending on the viewer. 
     On another note. Please support this film. Everything that happens is real and far worse than portrayed. Most victims are never rescued. The treatment of sex slaves is worse than depicted. This happens today. This happens now. This happens in your city. This happens in my small town. We cannot remain oblivious. 
     Unlike many Christian films, this one lacks the overtly cheesy scenes of conversion. This is not your average Christian movie. 
     I hope that you find this review helpful!

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