Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why God wants You to be Happy

     "God wants you to be happy!" What a common phrase in the American church. It usually accompanies a pep talk on how we need to reach higher and pray bigger. How God will provide all of our desires, how we will have tons of money and brand new cars. Some scorn this doctrine and take it  to the extreme that God does not want us to be happy and we do not exist for pleasure. Others embrace and teach it.
      Honestly, I believe that we were created to enjoy perfect happiness and joy forever. I believe that we were made to partake endlessly in the bountiful riches God provides. I believe that God's highest desire is for me to be perfectly happy. Now, please don't throw me out as a heretic and ban my little nook of cyberspace from your browser. There is a method to my heresy.
      Let me start a long, long time ago. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. He created light, land, animals, birds, fish, you name it. Then he made humans. When he created us, he breathed us into perfect harmony with him. Mankind was drowning in his beauty and holiness and was perfectly happy. And God saw that it was very good. Then sin came in and ruined mans perfect relationship with the Father. For thousands of years, God yearned for his creation. His heart was broken over their sadness and hardship. He wanted them to be joyous again, but he knew the only way that would happen was through a restored relationship with him. So, he sent Jesus to die a horrible death and in that moment, the curtain was torn in two, signifying that man could now approach God through a perfect relationship again. 
He had finally bridged the gap to our perfect and eternal joy. 
     John Piper said:"God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him." 
God wants us to be satisfied, joyful and happy people.
     But, he wants us to have a different kind of happiness. 
     You see, God knows that we will never be fully fullfilled or happy until we are blissfully and completely satisfied and therefore happy in him. 
     So yes, God wants you to be happy. But he wants you to find your happiness in him, not possessions, power, fame or prosperity. God is most happy and glorified when we are truly happy, finding iur joy in him. 
     So, dear friends, please, be happy! God wants you to be happy. You were made for this. From the beginning of time, God has desired a perfect and beautiful relationship with you. This is your destiny. 

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