Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dear Lizzy - an open letter to all girls

     Hello! Here is the promised post...
     Dear ladies. I recently wrote a letter to guys. I promised them that I would write one to us as well. We have all been treated unkindly by guys, but let's face it: we do our share. We like to talk about how rude guys are but we are really rude too! Like when a guy opens a door. Why do we have to act defensive? Smile say thank you an move on.  
     We like to talk about guys and porn. But let's be honest. If we didn't flirt and show them just enough of ourselves to make them curious, would it be as big of a problem? Probably not. Sisters, it is our responsibility to act and dress in a way the doesn't make it harder for our brothers to keep their minds clean. I'm not saying they are not responsible for their own actions, but we are not totally blameless. 
     A sad lie that is being spoon-fed to girls all over the world is that we are only worth what we weigh and look like. We are taught by society that our worth depends on how much guys like us and that how much guys like us depends on how sexily and scantily we are dressed.  
     This is so far from the truth. You are worth so much more than your body. Dear sister, you are a priceless treasure and nothing can change that. So why tarnish your beauty by dishonoring yourself? No matter how tight your clothes or how little you wear, you will always find that the attention you receive does not fulfill the longings in your heart. 
     There is a such thing as a respectable man. A man who values a girl for who she is, not what she is, truly does exist. 
     But we make it so hard for them. Ladies, it is our obligation to not be a stumbling block to our dear brothers. How can we expect the to treat us with respect when we don't do the same? In today's day and age, the term gentleman has been tarnished almost beyond recognition. Some think of a passive pantywaist who opens doors, doffs hats and kisses hands. Other picture a prideful, rich man (often with tails on his tux and a British accent) who "earnestly desires the fair miss _______ to be his wife." And "has a good estate which an woman would be proud to be the mistress of."  Neither of these is correct. A gentleman is merely a man who treats a girl with decency and respect. And they exist. Guys were not created to walk on us, but we were also not created to walk on them
     So, my dear sisters, let's start working towards becoming girls that guys can treat with respect. Instead of being angry at them, let's face the truth and woman-up to our own faults. Let's get some clothes on, quit flirting and start treating guys right. 
     And one other thing. Guys aren't the only ones that deal with porn. Ladies, we must fight to keep our eyes and thoughts pure as well. We can't ask it of them and not do it ourselves. 
     So, I hope this post was all that was promised and I am sorry for my delay. 
     Let's stand up and be women of dignity and honor! 

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