Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth!!

So I just found this, filed away in my draft posts. I know it's a little late (or early, however you want to look at it.)  but I want to share this with y'all here you go! Enjoy. 
     Wow. It seems like we just celebrated the Fourth of July! The extreme blessings that have been heaped upon this Country are innumerable and we must thank God for His abounding mercy and grace. I would like to theme this post not only on the USA, but also on the heritage of the USA. Our story goes even beyond the Spirit of 1776, in fact, we date all the way back to before 1620.

     Here is the story of America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave like you may have never read it in school:

     In the years prior to the year of 1620, England was a seething pot of boiling turmoil. The laws of England made it impossible for the people of England to worship God in personal ways. The religion of the time was Roman Catholicism. If a citizen failed to comply with all of the rules or did not attend church, they could be imprisoned or even killed. Some of the people of England felt that God should be worshiped in a different way and tried to do so. They were persecuted and mistreated by the Crown. They decided to leave England and seek religious freedom across the sea in the "New World." This is where that famous ship the Mayflower comes in.

     The Pilgrims, as they were now called (also called Separatists. No, not like Star Wars!!)  Boarded two ships and left for the Americas. Two ships, you say? Yes, two. The other was the Speedwell. This vessel did not make to very far which meant that it had to be returned to the harbor. This also meant that the Mayflower had a double batch of passengers aboard. This made for horrible conditions. The Pilgrims battled stormy seas and great diseases all through the crossing. Finally, after 66 days at sea, the Mayflower reached the "New World."

     The first winter was long and harsh. Many, many of the Pilgrims died before spring came. Nevertheless, despite the long, hard days this hearty band stuck it out. And I am glad they did. If they had not, there would be no America today. This is the time that the first Thanksgiving was commemorated. Thanksgiving was founded as a time to thank God for His great provisions for His people.

     150 years later, the American Colonies were growing. They had progressed from their humble beginnings of the Plymouth Plantation and Jamestown to a thriving coastal metropolis. There was only one problem. They were still part of England. They did not mind this fact until the King of England started levying taxes on them that were unethical and unfair. This is called "Taxation Without Representation." The colonists were really ticked. They tried to reason with the king but he would not listen. At long last, the ties had to be severed. It was time for the colonies to break away and become to United States of America. However, that was easier said than done. In 1776, the year before the Shot Heard 'Round the World started to Revolution, the Founding Fathers of our nation signed the Declaration of Independence. They knew that this meant that they could face terrible punishment for this but they chose to do it anyway.

     A seven yearlong war ensued through which America fought with all of the courage they had. Finally, in 1738, the war ended. America had won. We were independent.

     This was the founding of the country we now call America. I have said a lot here to say this: godly people founded us on godly principles. The very reason that this nation came to being was for the sake of religious freedom, so that we could worship God as we chose. We truly were founded as "one nation, under God." So, the question is left to be asked. How did we get to where we are? How did our culture become one that accepts same-sex marriage and frowns upon traditional marriage? How have we become comfortable with killing innocent babies because we do not want them? How can we, we who have such courageous and biblical roots, stand by and watch the enormous injustices that mar the face of the earth? The answer is that we allowed ourselves to get here. It did not happen overnight, it was a slow decline in moral standards. A gradual redefining of what is right and what is wrong. And it has led us here. How can we stand by and let our nation fall prey to the devil's evil schemes? We must not. We cannot. We cannot afford to let this continue! Our nation will go down unless this generation rises up. We must not sit passively by and say that this is not our calling. IT IS!! This is where God has planted you if you are an American and this is where you had better bloom. God has placed you here for such a time as this. It is deadly to sit back and watch. If not us, who? If not you, who?  No one.

     So, my generation, Stand! Fight! Show the world that you are not just going to sit back and watch as the heritage of this country is thrown down the tubes. If we do not do it now, it will never be done. We have a choice. Either do what we are called to do, or let our nation fall to her death. God has been merciful on our land but He will not hold back His wrath forever especially when we repeatedly spit in His face. So I am asking you: What will you do? It could be as simple as praying daily for our nation or as crazy as campaigning in the streets for our nation to turn back to her roots.

     Now is the time. Rise up. Please feel free to post your plans and thoughts in the comment section.


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