Saturday, March 28, 2015

Giving God Our Hurt

   We all have been hurt by others, some more than others. I know that some of you may have experienced abuse and  that the hurt must be very deep. While I have not experienced that kind of pain, I have been hurt deeply by others. Finding the strength to forgive is very difficult. When we have been treated unkindly, our fleshly response is to hold a grudge against them, causing everyone involved more pain. This is not the way Christ handled pain and hurt. When we choose to hold onto our anger and hurt, we begin to form walls that can be broken only by Gods unending forgiveness. God forgives unconditionally, it doesn't matter what offence someone has committed against Him, He just forgives. Can we do any less? I know first hand, that it is hard to forgive. The pain of rejection, gossip, and bullying goes real deep. But is it really best for us to hold a grudge? I think not! Often we feel  more fulfilled when we are holding anger in our hearts. We feel like a victim and we like it.
     God knows the human nature. He created us, so He knows. He wants to do what's best for us so He has given us the power to, through Him, find freedom from our hurt. When we give God our pain we acknowledge that we have been hurt and that we desperately want to forgive and forget. God is willing no, He desires to take our hurt and heal our wounds. He is the Great Physician. The healing process may be hard. Learning to forgive is difficult, but you will be freed in ways you can not fathom. When we see the person who hurt us, anger naturally rises up in our hearts. We must try to force ourselves to smile and greet them.
     As soon as we give our hurt feelings and broken hearts to our Father, He begins to heal us. So wait no longer! Give over to your hurt to God and let the healing begin.
                                                Lanie Bug

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